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The Magic Of Fingers

We can all agree that massage feels great, can't we Bellies???

But did you know that massage therapy can be profoundly beneficial to the health and comfort of the expectant mother and to the well being of her baby on the way?

So why is this most miraculous and magical time characterized by the "expected" pains of low back ache, tight hips, sore neck and shoulders, swollen hands and feet, sciatica, stretch marks, varicose veins and general Mommy discomfort? 

Gentle bodywork from a pregnancy massage therapist can bring immense relief and allow the expecting mom to enjoy her pregnancy!

Massage therapy can be invaluable to the pregnant woman and her baby.  It can bring relief to women while their bodies are literally taking another shape in order for life to grow. 

Some major health benefits of massage for a pregnant woman are:

  • it eases the load on the mother's heart by improving circulation.  The mechanical force on the skin and circulatory system increases oxygen and nutrition to the fetus.

  • it can eliminate low back pain, tight hips and the "expected"  pregnancy pains; these body aches stem from the woman's body expanding in new ways due to baby's growing demand for room.

  • it lessens stretch marks, varicose and spider veins.  In addition, skin becomes more supple, elastic and radiant, massage stimulates the skin glands and the lymphatic system

  • when massing the Belly, soft gentle massage circles allow the abdominal muscles release tightness, thereby letting the baby have a bigger play pen of sorts.  This takes pressure off the mother's body and also allows you to nurture the baby with touch. 

  • the sense of touch is the first to develop and can be detected in the womb as early as eight weeks.  That means that your baby can get a gentle massage while still in the womb! 

  • overall well-being is improved, both for mother and baby.  When mom is relaxed, baby relaxes too!  

  • massage can ease any post-partum blues and is vital in getting your muscles put back together after being stretched to birth your baby, natural or caesarean!

It is important to know that not any old massage therapist will do.  A certified pregnancy massage therapist will know exactly what is going on with your body and can be a part of your pregnancy support structure.

This Belly Scoop was provided by Magic Fingers herself, Suzy Harbulak, whose work focuses on providing support for women going through an amazing transformational experience called "pregnancy."  

Suzy has the "magic touch" so try her today!!

Suzy is a licensed pregnancy massage therapist and can be reached at (323) 788-0908 to set up a massage appointment. 

She also has special LAPregnancy specials and bulk rates!

Check out her website at

Suzy Harbulak, L.Mt, C.Mt is a practicing massage therapist in Los Angeles and specializes in massage for pregnant and non-pregnant women; she also offers private instruction on infant massage.











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