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Magical Baby Goods - Baby Bouquet Products

One touch, one smell... you will be a convert!!  We sweat!!

LAPregnancy always preferred Kiehl's products known as the natural choice but Baby Bouquet has blown us away!!

Feel how smooth the baby lotion is and the diaper cream - melts in your hands, no grease no fuss!!  The foamy pump shampoo and soap all-in-one, so wonderful and so much fun!!  Babies want to play!!  We've already put extras in our diaper bags... and the lotion... well, that's for us girls!!

Let's tell you a little about the wonderful people of Baby Bouquet:  Jackie and her husband, Craig, spent two years completely dedicated to the research and development of the Baby Bouquet products that they offer.  They tried hundreds of combinations of the finest ingredients to create the perfect formulations and they're extremely proud of the ingredients they use, including natural essential oils of vanilla, coriander, lavender, sweet orange, and chamomile:  rich, natural emollients like shea butter and avocado butter; natural botanical oils of live, sunflower and safflower; aloe leaf extract, natural Vitamin E, plant-derived squalene, and more.

Baby Bouquet is committed to making the very best natural bath and body care products for babies and young children.  Their goal is to keep baby's delicate skin and scalp clean and moisturized with gentle products of the highest quality (and in LAPregnancy's opinion, they've succeeded).  Baby bath and body care products are the only thing that they do! 

Coddle your baby with natural bath and skin care products made from nature's finest quality ingredients to keep dedicated skin and scalp clean and moisturized.

LAPregnancy will only use Baby Bouquet on its babies from now on... why use anything else??

For more information, check out Baby Bouquet's website a:


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