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Mama Gathering 2003

Do other moms at the playground think you’re weird?

Whether you have little in common with the moms you meet in your area or have a great mama community and want to connect with others, you are invited to attend Mama Gathering 2003 in Los Angeles in July 2003.

Mama Gathering is an alternative parenting conference for people who carved out alternatives when they realized that the advice coming from the most available sources sucked and their families didn't look like that anyway.

It's an effort to build and strengthen our community of families who understand that raising children who are kind and compassionate and fair is a fundamentally necessary part of positive social change. It's a time to commiserate and laugh and learn and plan and eat and talk about the things we're discouraged from talking about, in a place where no one will tell your kid he's wearing girl shoes. IT'S A BIG PARTY!

Mama Gathering is an independent, volunteer-produced, event-- a grassroots effort to bring together a huge and far-flung community of radical mamas.

Pack up the kids and make it your family vacation or enlist your best mama friends and make it a well-deserved getaway. There will be fun, food, workshops, the beach, a party and a whole passel of gorgeous, smarty-pants mamas.

Advance registration is necessary and the earlier you register, the closer you are to the front of the line when it comes time to pick workshops.

Sign up for the email list at for updates, and check back for site updates as the planning progresses.

They hope that you leave with some useful tools and a lot of new friends. Whether you're coming for workshops or to laze on the beach with your mama friends.

Spread the word, link the site, and donate ad space or merchandise or your talents.  

For more information, check out:

UCLA, Los Angeles
July 11-13, 2003












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