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Mama's Pajamas

What are Mamas Pajamas?

While breastfeeding her daughter, Claire, Joan Strong noticed that aside from her occasional glances up at her daughter, the only view was of her pajamas.  Already knowing the benefits of breastfeeding and the benefits of visual stimulation on infants, she decided to combine the two.  She took the idea of "Smart Toys" one step further and made a pair of pajamas out of fabric with a bold pattern in primary colors.  

Click to view some of our bright patterns!Her daughter immediately noticed the designs and seemed more content to nurse and cuddle with me.  Knowing that Joan wanted all moms to share her discovery, Mama's Pajamas were born! 

They're available in both nursing and non-nursing, perfect for every mom!  
Mama's Pajamas are pajamas with purpose!

Why These PJs are SO GREAT for Your Family:

These pajamas are children's first learning tool when they are worn by moms, dads and siblings while feeding or cuddling the babies.  All of their patterns are geared towards infants by using bold icons and primary colors.  Each pattern is themed according to common introductory words, as well as alpha-numeric designs.  They aim to make their fabric patterns mentally stimulating to the child, as well as fashionable for the family.

Mama's Pajamas are packaged with care!These pajamas are wonderfully packaged.
Each piece has the "Mama's Pajamas" story on it, making it perfect for gift- giving because the recipient will know the concept behind "pajamas with purpose".  They are ready to be dropped into a gift bag and carted off to the baby shower!

We can't say enough good things about these fabulous pajamas as well as all of the creative and wonderful (did we say affordable??) product line at Mamas Pajamas!

Find them exclusively at




Mamas Pajamas 
Mama's Pajamas are packaged with care!








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