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Margie Magic - Get Some Now! (Night Nurse Extraordinaire)

Don't know what you to do when your baby comes home??  Bringing home more than one???

We know exactly what you need and she's called Margie ("Magic") Stevens.

Margie will come into your house and help your organize, prioritize, feed, swaddle, and teach you everything you need to know to be a confident parent. 

Margie, mother of three including a set of twins, helps you accomplish your goals for feeding, sleeping (yes, you need this!!) and all of the love in the world for your newborn.

When you take your bundle of joy home with you - Margie will meet you at your house that night and help allay all of your fears of new parenthood!!

Don't know how to cut your baby's nails???  Neither did we until Margie showed us!!  Don't know how to swaddle or burp your child - no worries - Margie is there!!

Whatever your game plan is, or if you don't have one, she'll help you develop a system tailored to your family's needs!!

Hurry and call Margie today - she will save your life (just like she did with us and our twins)!!

Margie Stevens
Nights Only
(310) 839-6915

she has great references - ask her for them (if you don't trust us here!)




Margie "Magic" Stevens Night Nurse Extraordinaire
















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