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Maternity Portraits...Pregnancy Shots For Bellies!

We LOVE our Belly and know that you do too!  So why not commemorate it with beautiful pregnancy photography and portraits by our favorite photographer, Heather Hart of A La Mode Photo?

Heather provides her clients a wonderful photography experience in addition to beautiful memories!  She specializes in natural environment photography and shoot most of her portraits outdoors..."there is less pressure to looking so perfect"  Heather says, and she also understands the words "bloated" and "I feel fat." 

Heather LOVES the sunset and for great light, it's the best time of the day!  Wouldn't you just love a picture of you and your Belly (or with your family) with the sun setting over the water in the background?

Everyone is a "star" according to Heather and she certainly makes all of her clients feel so special!

She shoots lots of film (Not Digital), takes her time with her clients, provides them with a location shoot, and encourages wardrobe changes -  she brings different form-fitting fabric to wrap you in which takes on a different form for each of her Big Bellied clients (check out the website carefully... are those women wearing dresses or is it just stretchy fabric she brings?). 

What more can you ask for in someone to commemorate this most joyous time in your life?

Call A La Mode Photo today and tell her that we sent ya! (mention for a free gift with your photo shoot).  And don't forget to bring your family and friends... she'll be happy to incorporate them for free!

LAPregnancy's not the only one saying great things about A La Mode Photo.. check out all of her rave reviews!
Natural Environment Photography
Santa Monica, Orange County and San Francisco Bay Area, California
(also known to travel to see "Bellies" around the country)
Tel:  310-770-2676


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