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MeadowSweetGifts - True To Its Name is the answer to your pregnancy pampering!

Meadow is her real name (could we make this up??)  She specializes in one-of-a-kind, completely natural, totally unique and truly beautiful gift baskets put together with a bunch of love and attention

Her focus is in fine gift services, whether for you or a friend (we'd say gift this to yourself!!), with the flexibility of customizing a personalized gift. And Meadow has put together the most luxurious Pregnancy Care Package that we've ever seen!

This basket is specifically tailored to celebrate pregnancy as a time of transformation and "growth" (don't we know it) - physically, mentally and spiritually.  And the unique and natural products will indulge and pamper you or a friend right down to your toes.

Some of the wonderful goodies found in the Pregnancy Care Package are as follows:

Erbaviva Stretch Mark Oil, a quality blend of organic and essential oils which smell amazing!

Mommy-to-be Milk Bath - you will have the silkiest skin!!

Foot Massager and Hand Carved Pumice Stone for your tired feet.

Body Butter Pats Scented in Basil Nectarine made out of kokum and shea butters. (LAPregnancy's absolute favorite! - we were told to add it to our bath so it would slowly melt leaving just enough for a gentle but blissful tummy rub but we couldn't bear the thought of using it up so fast because we wanted to cherish each moment with it).

An Arts and Crafts Book by Ethel Brennan which provides ideas for simple heirlooms to make and give (perfect for mothers-to-be!).

All wrapped up with an organic style, the Pregnancy Care Package celebrates the creation of life for all mommies-to-be.

The full line of baskets can be viewed a and include other themes such as:

"Dog Lovers"
"Men's Travel"
"Sensual Living"
"Stress Less Basket"

To place order call Meadow today at 323.829.5858.











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