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Mom Business Cards

Dying for identification at the playground when you meet the perfect new friend who has a child your same age?  Ready to announce the arrival of your baby to your family and friends?

Look no more - we found you the best thing since sliced bread!

That's right, you've heard it here first:

Mom Business Cards are your answer!

Using a svelte and smiling 1950's cover girl as the prototype - the characters - Ava, Mary, Freddy, Francis and Bebe - become your new circle of friends!  And once you enter their picture-perfect suburbia in which they live, love, work, and drive carpool, you'll never want to leave!

Motherhood deserves acknowledgement and recognition... not to mention stationary!

Choose from all the many different characters and include your title such as, "Mom of the Year," "Rugrat Wranger," "In the Mom Biz," "Winner, Golden Steering Wheel Award for Carpool Driving Excellence," and of course, "Mother."

Check out today to order your business cards for you or a friend! 

Like all mothers, Nancy loves positive feedback - so contact her with your comments via e-mail at - and let her know that we sent ya!

















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