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Mom-Invented Baby Slanket

The Baby Slanket solves many baby care problems - tired arms while feeding a baby, germ infested shopping cart handles, and needing a clean changing area on the go.

Just snap The Baby Slanket closed and slip it over your arm. Its built-in pillow offers head comfort for the baby and arm comfort for the care giver when nursing or bottle-feeding. Convenient side pockets hold baby necessities.

The Baby Slanket opens easily into a blanket shape and becomes a pleasant place for infant massage or playtime.

While shopping, The Baby Slanket snaps easily around shopping cart handles - protecting baby's head and mouth from bumps and germs.

Jacqueline McCracken-Houck developed The Baby Slanket after her first son, Timothy, was born. Originally designed to ease the feeding process and to allow a mother to slide her arm out without disturbing a sleeping baby, McCracken-Houck soon discovered that her invention was a "Do-Everything" blanket. Itís made of 100% soft-brushed cotton flannel.

Check out The Baby Slanket at or call Eastern Standard Time from 9am - 9pm (845) 658-9808.








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