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Mommy I Can't Sleep -
Music To Soothe The Soul

Looking for some music other than Baby Einstein???  Well we found the most beautiful CD around and it's called "Mommy I Can't Sleep."

With nature sounds intermingled with beautiful and melodic renditions of such favorites as "Somewhere Over The Rainbow," "Old McDonald Had a Farm," and "London Bridges," this CD is a keeper!

Hear the live cows, horses, ducks, birds and ocean water in the background.... it's so relaxing!

We are told that adding nature sounds to music makes the heart rate respond to a slower beat, which in turn relaxes the mind and body. Whatever it is, we know it works!

This is called "Therapeutic Music" and we love it!

"Mommy I Can't Sleep" is a new creation by two women, Carol Cartledge and Tina Dutcher, who run a Day Care Center and formed a new venture together when they knew they could find better music to relax children than was out there.  They knew that adult music with nature sounds did the trick so they put together their favorite childhood music and incorporated nature sounds.

As Carol and Tina say, "next To Your Hugs And Time, Therapeutic Music May Be The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Child."

Get the CD today at

(This Belly Scoop has been sponsored by CAT Entertainment, founders of "Mommy I Can't Sleep)


















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Music To Soothe The Soul






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