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Moms Get Back In Shape

Whether you're pregnant or recently had a baby, you're probably eager to get your body back!

Get back into shape and provide fun and stimulation for your baby at the same time with a newly released exercise video especially designed for postnatal moms like you!

This easy-to-follow exercise program provides a progressive workout that becomes more intense as the weight of your baby increases.  That's right, you're going to use your baby as your weights!

It is a safe, effective, fun program by a certified instructor, who demonstrates the exercises with her young baby (who is obviously having fun as she squeals and kicks her feet with delight).

The program provides tips on post-pregnancy exercise throughout and includes a segment designed specifically for the first 6-weeks after childbirth and also one designed for the later postpartum months.  So you can use it within days of giving birth, as well as months after birthing.

Pregnancy and childbirth put extreme stress on the body - the only way to recondition those overly stretched muscles is through exercise.  And the program comes in VHS and DVD formats.

Check it out at:

cost: $17.95 plus shipping
or call 510-772-4174



















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