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Moms Need Stuff Too!

You're bright, clever, interesting, organized, responsible, smart and it off, you're "In the Mom Biz!"

Do you LOVE this saying??  Well that's by Nancy Klein who LAPregnancy reviewed some time ago when she began her line of "Mom Biz" wares including her famous Momics comic strip (comics for moms).

This time, we actually crashed into her when we spotted an adorable mom in the produce isle wearing her super cute "Mom" t-shirt and then realized that we knew her!!  This grocery cart accident happened because she was wearing a light blue "garage" shirt with a white patch embroidered with the word "Mom" in red script.  And we weren't the only ones to stop her either. 

Nancy also has a belly "tattoo" tank with the word "Mother" arching around the top of the stomach.  Sexy!! 

Want more?  How about a British rocker tee or a bubble gum colored shirt that shows we moms are stars!

As you can see, Nancy has just added these hip mom tees to her line of "Mom Biz" products for all ladies doing the most important job in the world! 

What a great gift for new moms, mom friends and family or proud bellies. 

Nancy has been in Redbook Magazine, LA Family, LA Parent and The Chicago Tribune. You can order all her great products at

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Be the hippest gal in the carpool lane!!! 





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