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Money Saving Baby and Toddler Tips

The following tips are provided by Best Doulas, the Birth Empowerment Support Team ( who offer Free Childbirth Education Workshops!  These workshops are held on one Monday and one Sunday each mother so call the number below and get the dates!!

Breast Milk applied to the affected are will clear up diaper rash.  Also works for earaches and "gummy" eyes.

Entertain baby in the kitchen by filling the bottom drawer in the kitche with safe plastic containers, kitchen toosl like whisks, spatulas, wooden spoons, pot lids and other safe kitchen things.  Baby will love to open and close this "special drawer" taking the things out and putting them back in.  It may even give mother the time to get kitchen work done.

Layer one crop top, blouse, shirt, etc. over an old T-shirt or tank top (mix or match colors!).  Cut two nursing slits in the T-shirt and hem edges.  The top layer shirt will provide discreet coverage, yet your baby will still have easy access.

Make book-ends out of stuffed animals.  Undo the back, take out some stuffing and fill the marbles; re-sew by hand.  To prevent sliding, glue some rubber matting on the bottom of the toy.  This works great for matching the decor in the baby's room.

Bring along a small inflatable plastic wading pool and line it with blankets for a non-mobiel baby to sleep in. When used on top of a regular bed, your baby won't be able to roll off.  NOt only are the sides nicely cushioned, but the waterproof bottom will protect the bed from leaking diapers or spit up.  The deflated pool will take very little room inside your diaper bag, and you'll always have a safe place for your baby to sleep!

Bolt your dressers, bookshelves or any other furniture. Secure to the floor with L-braces or to the wall with hook and eyes.

These tips provided by BEST Doulas ( at 877-436-8528 (IDoula-U).  Call for information about doula services and their free workshops held in Los Angeles twice a month.


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