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Moo Cream - Affordable and Effective

Skin chafing?  Your body needs Moo!

That's right, udder cream is the answer for you!  Created in 1976 and still run as a family business in Salem, Ohio,  Udderly SMOOth® Udder Cream is a water-based moisturizer which is greaseless, stainless, and has a light, fresh fragrance.

We're told that Udderly SMOOth® is an everyday multi-purpose beauty aid due to its rich moisturizing ingredients and performance in softening dry, thirsty skin.  Linda Kennedy, part of this Moo Corporation who is a Big Belly herself (six months pregnant and counting), swears that it soothes her itchy belly.

Their newest product, Udderly SMOOth® Country Cream® is a light hand and body cream that moisturizes skin to keep skin soft and supple.

Udderly SMOOth® Country Cream®
contains a rich blend of moisturizers that help smooth roughness and condition the skin.  It's absorbed quickly, never greasy or sticky.

The best part: it sells at bargain prices at your nearest Rite-Aid, Wal-Mart, Sav-On, Albertsons or Trader Joe's.  How about prices starting at $4.99 to make you smile?

Udderly SMOOth® Udder Cream
available in 12 ounce ,10 ounce, and 2 ounce jars as well as 4 ounce tubes.

Udderly SMOOth® Country Cream®
available in 4 and 6 ounce tottles.

Check out their website at or call them directly at (800) 345-7339.










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