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More About Affordable In-home Care

AuPairCare invites you to their Annual Family Day Picnic in Griffith Park where you can meet current Host Families and Au Pairs.

Sunday October 19th, 11am-2pm, in honor of World Food Day,  AuPairCare is hosting a free family day event.

The Au Pair Agency is holding it's Family Day on Sunday, October 19th 2008, and while this has traditionally been just for it's current Host Families and Au Pairs, this year the event is open to the public - to new families that may be interested in getting an Au Pair.

The Family Day will be held at Travel Town in Griffith Park, and will include a 'Foods of the World' picnic, The event is free but non perishable food items may be donated on the day and will later be dropped off by AuPairCare at the LA Food Bank.

Families interested in attending this event should email to register for an official invite and more information: 

Claire Turner
310 591 8802




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