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Morning Sickness Suckers!!

We finally found a natural and delicious way for pregnant women to ease the nausea associated with morning sickness and with labor (remember to put these in your hospital bags, girls!).

Preggie Pops, one our newest sponsors, are a natural lollipop especially designed for the pregnant woman in mind.  These convenient, deelicious, high quality all natural lollipops come in flavors known to ease nausea.  They include ginger, lavender, raspberry, sour lemon, sour tangerine, peppermint and speamint.

Preggie Pops are drug free and doctor recommended.  (The nice people at Preggie Pops even say they help people ease the nausea associated with cancer treatments.)

We love Preggie Pops! or
Toll Free 866-773-4443

And they're right in West Hills, CA



















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