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MoSox For Your Tired Feet

LAPregnancy LOVES MoSox!!

You need to know that MoSox is a new Urban American Company that infuses fibers of the future with style and functionality - now doesn't that sound good, girls???

We found high quality no-stink socks that offer unsurpassed style, fit and function. Just ask the United States Bobsled and Skeleton Federation.

Who created MoSox? The Doxa Group Inc., a California based design and marketing company. After much success in the 90ís with MoPhat, the first hip hop clothing line for the big and tall man, the company decided to expand its offerings to include sock and headwear apparel that appeals to the fashion trends of the urban consumer.

MoSox's immediate goal is to educate the consumer about the importance of taking care of their feet by not only wearing the proper shoes, but the proper socks.

Most people have never even thought about wearing good socks. Through "Soxology," we all can learn the importance of proper sock appeal.

And us girls with bloated and tired feet at LAPregnancy will keep MoSox close at hand!!

Try their great selection at


See the full list...




The Official No Stink Sock



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