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Mothering Magazine - Parenting Naturally

We found Mothering Magazine and we're so happy!  This magazine celebrates the experience of parenting as worthy of one's best efforts and seeks to inspire a recognition of the immense importance and value of parenting and family life in the development of the human potential of parents as well as children. Wow!!

As a reader's magazine, they recognize parents as the experts and wish to provide truly helpful information on which parents can make informed choices.

Mothering was the birthplace of the natural family living community and is the most popular of today's natural parenting magazines. They address contemporary health, personal, environmental, medical and lifestyle issues in an upbeat, intelligent and courageous manner.

They cover wide range of topics which: breastfeeding, circumcision, vaccinations, sleeping, childhood illnesses, homeopathy, homebirth, midwifery, organic living, and balancing work and family life.

We know you'll find Mothering Magazine a helpful guide to parenting naturally.
Mothering Magazine
One year subscription: $19.00








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