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Music For Your Baby's Soul...

Start your child off with the best in music education Music Rhapsody was one of the first programs in the nation specializing in music classes for young children. In fact, this year marks their 25th anniversary!  Their custom curriculum presents something unique, fun, and musically educational for every age group from babies (3 months & older) to teens (grade 8). And Music Rhapsody is not just for musically gifted kids it's for everyone!

Orff the proven approach with the funny name brings music to life for kids and builds an exceptional foundation for future success! In addition to music education/performance degrees, our teachers are trained in Orff Schulwerk! And did you know that

Music education builds success in:

    * Learning and intelligence
    * Language development
    * Motor/physical skills
    * Math and literacy
    * School, society, and life!

They have class locations in Santa Monica, Torrance, Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach. 310.376.8646 or or



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