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Music To Soothe The Soul

BEAUTY...that's what LAPregnancy thought when we first listened to Michael Whalen's CD, From Conception To Birth:  A Life Unfolds!!

Emmy-award winning composer and producer Michael Whalen has created a musical journey that chronicles the human experience of pregnancy - from conception to birth - as it comforts the expectant mother and child.

But even if you didn't have all of this information, you will enjoy this CD. If you like Baby Einstein, YOU WILL LOVE THIS!!

It's relaxing, energetic and inspiring... perfect for your relaxation as well as your baby's.

From Conception To Birth was inspired by Alexander Tsiaras' groundbreaking book, From Conception To Birth: A Life Unfolds (Doubleday, 2003) where medical imaging technology presents, for the first time, the awe-inspiring process of new life unfolding in the womb in stunning, vivid detail. And the CD booket includes images from the book, which have previously appeared in such publications as Time Magazine (Best Picture of the Year, 2002) and on television shows including Oprah Winfrey.

Michael Whalen has composed music for hundreds of television programs, including themes for ABC's "Good Morning America," the PBS series "Nature" and "NOVA" and many programs on the Discovery channel. And now you can enjoy him in your own home or in your car!!

Grab yourself a copy today at:

(This Belly Scoop has been sponsored by Cherry Lane Music.) 


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