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Newborn Shout Outs - Announcing the Newborn News

Finally birth announcements with style!! designs hip and unique cards and invitations.  Recently, they launched their first line of newborn announcements which you must see!

These cards are well designed without those vellum and bows (if you know what we mean?).  Why are they so different from the rest?  Because they are unique and creative combined with contemporary designs.  Take a look, you'll see what we mean.

Newborn announcements range from cool Baby Business Cards, which fit into a tiny glassine envelope to the Baby Life Line which is a tri-folded card that explains the babies life from conception to birth, finishing with a photo of the newborn.  The Parent's Love is good for anyone around the globe, in any language.  The Baby Book Mark is an elegantly designed bookmark with silk ribbon - super for your booklover friends.  And the Baby Life Light is printed on vellum paper and wrapped around a candle to illuminate the information (and love) for your newborn.

All announcements come assembled and with an envelope (we love that too!)

Check out or call 619-501-0273 for more information.





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