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Optimal Nutrition For Your Pregnancy

We all know that our diet is vital for a healthy pregnancy, but there is so much conflicting information that we are often left full of questions and doubts about how to do the best for our babies.  Everyone down to the woman in line at Trader Joe’s seems to have advice, but mostly we become so fearful and confused that we give up with a “My mom didn’t watch what she ate and I turned out ok.” 

After years of helping pregnant women struggling with this dilemma, Nkem Ndefo has created a new class, “Optimal Nutrition for Your Pregnancy.”  It’s research-based, easy to understand and packed with practical information you can put into practice right away.  The focus isn’t all the no-no’s, it’s all about what you CAN do and eat to have the healthiest baby, pregnancy, and birth. 

Classes are offered weekly in Pasadena and Silverlake.  For more info check out

Classes taught by Nkem Ndefo, a mother of two and an RN and Nurse-Midwife with over 10 years experience in all aspects of women’s health.



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