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Paid Family Leave

There is a lot of confusion surrounding leave during and after pregnancy.  But, there is also good news—sometimes you can receive pay during your leave!  California is one of only two states that provide many parents with pay when they take leave to bond with their child. 

California paid family leave provides parents with up to six weeks of partial wage replacement while they stay home to care for their newborn child.  This pay can be received by both mothers and fathers who choose to take leave time to bond with their child or who care for a child, spouse, domestic partner, or parent who is seriously ill.

Paid family leave is available to most employees whose employers pay into the State Disability Fund.  Generally, employees receive up to 55% of their salary, subject to maximum caps, for each week they are bonding with their child (up to six weeks total in a 12 month period).  There is a one week waiting period before this benefit can take effect and you must complete the appropriate forms. 

The right to take paid family leave is completely separate from the issue of whether an individual is entitled to take time off from work.  Paid family leave does not obligate employers to provide you with six weeks of leave from work.  Rather, paid family leave helps parents who are entitled to take leave but might not utilize this benefit if they were left without any income for six weeks. 

For more information on Paid Family Leave and other rights to leave during and after pregnancy, visit or call Attorney Sarah B. Schlehr directly at (310) 492-5757.

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