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Peek-A-Boo...THE 4D Ultrasound Store -
First Look Sonogram

Back in 2002, LAPregnancy wrote about First Look Sonogram, a company just getting started which offered 4D sonograms.  Now, three years later and still going strong, First Look Sonogram announces their newest location in West Los Angeles. 

With the boom of the elective 4D Ultrasound industry, First Look Sonogram is not only the leader in quality and experience, but being the first 4D business in the country, they have paved the way and set the standard for all other 4D facilities to try and live up to. 

Three years ago, General Electric introduced a new type of ultrasound technology called “4D” with the fourth dimension being “real time movement”.  The ultrasound is still performed in the same manner as a traditional 2D ultrasound but now Bellies and their families get to enjoy seeing exactly what the baby looks like in a three dimensional view with real time movement.

Over the past 3 years a new industry has emerged from the excitement of the new 4D technology allowing families to have an elective 4D ultrasound to bond with their unborn baby.  Unfortunately there are two downsides to this new industry.  The first being that many of the new companies that are opening are not hiring licensed, registered sonographers to perform the ultrasounds.  Even though these types of ultrasounds in no way replace a medical ultrasound, the technician that is conducting the ultrasound should still be a trained licensed medical sonographer for both the safety of the mother as well as the baby’s.  The businesses that do not hire licensed, registered sonographers or have an associated medical director are jeopardizing the safety of their customers in order to cut their costs and maximize their profit. 

The second unfortunate problem with this new industry is the widespread use of false advertising.  Many of the new businesses that do not have the GE 4D ultrasound machine are advertising that they offer 4D ultrasounds when in fact they are using an inferior ultrasound machine that lacks the quality and clarity of the GE 4D ultrasound machines. Not only is this deceiving but it will eventually give this new and exciting industry a bad reputation and will hurt the businesses that are advertising what they actually have. 

So...remember to ask two very important questions when searching for a 4D ultrasound provider:

1.   Who is performing the ultrasound exam and is he/she a licensed, registered (with the ARDMS) sonographer?    Hint - If their answer is that their technician is certified then keep looking for another place to go!!

2.   What type of ultrasound machine are you using?  Do your homework, look the machine up on the internet and see if what they are advertising is what you are paying for.

With three years of experience in performing this service, First Look Sonogram is the industry leader that always puts quality and customer satisfaction before anything else. 

We've only heard RAVE REVIEWS from our readers about First Look Sonogram and they hire only licensed, registered sonographers, and they have a medical director associated with each individual facility.

Now you know where to go!!

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact a location near you:

Redondo Beach  (310) 543-5152 and

West Los Angeles (310) 446-6181 or

visit for more information


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