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Poison Emergencies Information and Hotline

Here's a new nationwide toll-free hotline for poison emergencies.

When you call 800-222-1222 in California, you will reach The California Poison Control System (CPCS).  This is a network of trained experts who will help you with advice about treating poisonings 24 hours a day, seven day a week - and it's free.  For those outside of California, the CPCS will gladly help you find a local poison control center in your area.

The nice people at CPCS can answer your questions about things like household products, chemicals at work in the environment, drugs, snake bites, spider bites, plants and mushrooms.

Calling the Poison Control Center first will prevent unnecessary trips to the Emergency Room. Their experts are able to quickly assess the severity of an exposure and can manage the majority of them at home. Statistics show that only 20% of poisonings are actually severe enough to require hospital referral.

Call today and California residents receive two telephone hotline stickers, first aid for poisonings information and a materials order form. They even assist health professionals with questions too!

California Poison Control Center
Preventative Information & Hotline


























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