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Polka Stripe - All The Charming Essentials to Make Life Memorable

Could their logo be any cuter?  Well you should see what they have to offer at this premium website with the cutest things around!  From handmade blankies, adorable tutus, you name it stuff for the little bitty in your house!

Whether you want bags, diaper bags, blankets, burp clothes and other charming essentials, Polka Stripe is the place to be!

When our little bundle of goodies arrived, we thought, oh another box. But the minute we opened the box, the entire staff was ooing and ahhing!

We were greeted by the most amazing handmade tutu, a splat apron for all of your little ones art projects and an amazing blankie!  We want to keep this one for ourself! :)

Enjoy PolkaStripe...we already have!



See the full list...










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