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Positive Parenting - Empower Yourself, Empower Your Child!

Want to become the best parent you can be???


Well... we found out about a great course that will enhance your parenting skills through an interactive, powerful, and practical 5-week course that teaches effective parenting skills in a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere. 


Learn how to:

- Resolve conflicts without power struggles

- Minimize misbehavior

-Replace "timeouts"

- Avoid nagging, threats and bribes
- Decrease sibling rivalry


Too good to be true???  Well it's not!

Taught by Kim DeMarchi (M. Ed., C.P.E.) and Melanie Prager, (J.D., C.P.E.), both mothers of twins, have certifications in and hold classes around the city! 


Don't wait any longer... call and make your reservation for a better atmosphere of positive communication, love, and warmth!


For more information, contact
Empowered Parenting




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