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Positive Pregnancy Research Study

Our resident ob/gyn, Dr. Taras, told us about this research study and we thought tha we should let all you Big Bellies know about it!

Learn more about coping techniques for stress control during pregnancy by participating in a research study!!!

That's right... if you choose to participate, you or your partner will be asked a short series of questions during a five-week period of your pregnancy as part of a dissertation to study the effect of stress control during the second trimster of pregnancy.

The study has three test groups and you will randomly be placed in one of the following categories:

1) your partner will be taught to give you a massage (oh we like that one!); or

2) you and your partner will learn relaxation training; or

3) you will not learn a stress control technique, but you will have the option of obtaining very low cost professional massage after your participation is complete.

The primary researcher of this study is Victoria Latifses. Give Victoria a call at 818.816.3915 for more information.

Research Location
Calabasas, West Valley

Research Time Period:
September 2002 - January 2003.






Positive Pregnancy Research Flyer








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