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Pregnancy Relaxation Essentials

If you are looking for an upscale, pregnancy pampering set, look no further!  L&C Inspirations, LLC, a woman owned and operated company, has created the Pregnancy Relaxation Essentials set designed especially for the mom-to-be.  This elegant collection of body care and relaxation products was designed by a mother who understands the changes a woman’s body undergoes during pregnancy – she experienced these changes first hand, twice.

In designing products for the expectant mother, L&C Inspirations, LLC wanted to make sure their products were safe (first and foremost) and of the utmost quality.  The shea butter body care products are all natural, unscented, and dye free – perfect for the mom-to-be who is sensitive to various aromas.  To help relieve round ligament pain, sore breasts, stiff neck, and aching back, the All Natural Therapeutic Pad was developed.  This pad can be used hot or cold and is made of 100% all natural products.  Knowing how important relaxation is for a woman experiencing pregnancy, the set also includes a 100% Lavender Soy Candle, which promotes reduction in anxiety and stress and a relaxation cd with soothing music to help induce rest and sleep, which is especially helpful during the last trimester of pregnancy as rest becomes a bit of a challenge.

The Owner of L&C Inspirations, LLC, Wanda Hale-Schubarth, knows how quickly nine months of pregnancy can pass and sometimes be overshadowed by daily stressors.  Therefore, she invites the mom-to-be to sit back, relax and experience the miracle of life growing inside of her.  “This time of pregnancy can never be reclaimed, so enjoy it while you can.”




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Pregnancy Relaxation Essentials





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