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Pregnancy Survival 101

We found the perfect thing to get you through your nine months sane!

The Pregnancy Survival Kit found at is just what you need!

This wonderful basket includes "Skin Soothing Oil" (made from all natural ingredients including sweet almond oil, lavender, geranium, and frankincense -it's so yummy!!) which helps our tight itchy big bellies feel softer and stretch easier (doesn't yours itch??).  These essential oils also are supposed to help avoid stretch marks by making the skin more elastic (okay, we'll believe anything!).  

The kit also includes a wonderful book filled with answers to all your questions about pregnancy and babies.  Written by Dr. Richard Feinbloom, Pregnancy, Birth and the Early Years is a complete guide to help you address your concerns about what you and your baby are experiencing. 

Back to the bakset....the best thing is that this kit includes Lindt chocolate truffles (it's part of the survival kit - so it must be good for us!).

Beautiful bath salts and a comfy bath pillow are also yours!

This is everything you need for a relaxing afternoon - soaking in a nice warm bath reading about the changes your body is going through and eating your truffles! 

Go on and buy this for you or a friend - it's a bargain at $35.00 and is available exclusively through The Baby Goddess at for $35.00. 

And tell Emily that we sent ya!



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Pregnancy Survival Kit














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