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Preschool Survival 101

When should you start looking at preschools?  Is your childís second birthday too late?  Is prenatal too early?

Well LAPregnancy has found out that these questions and more can be more overwhelming than imaginable!

There are hundreds of preschools in the Los Angeles area and almost as many different educational philosophies. Waiting lists, applications, school schedules, age limits, deposits, deadlines, tuition Ė it is completely overwhelming!

But help is on the way with Christy Bergin of Best Fit School Service who has assembled an extensive research database that includes Westside preschool facts, such as parent-teacher ratios, accreditations, and class size.  Beyond that, most Best Fit clients fill out an extensive questionnaire to determine each familyís unique priorities: location, tuition costs and schedules, students age mix, level of parent participation expected, etc.

The first step is to learn about the different preschool philosophies, so you can choose the approach that suits your child and lifestyle.  Christy also wants you to consider your childís unique personality. Is class size important?  Is your little one ready to be away five days a week?  Half days or full days?  Even if you really love the program and teachers, itís not a Best Fit School unless your child will feel comfortable and supported.

From a basic phone consultation to assistance with tour dates and filling out applications, Best Fit School Service provides a range of services, all relatively inexpensive.

The goal is to help parents narrow the myriad of choices down to a short, customized list of schools. Then parents can tour those schools which meet their specific needs and get a feel for the environment, staff, and curriculum.  Best Fit also supplies a handy checklist to take on preschool tours. This checklist reminds parents of details that might be overlooked and record their general impressions for later reference.

Christy Bergin, founder of Best Fit School Service, has been an early childhood educator for more than 10 years. With bachelorís degrees in both child development and psychology, she has taught using a variety of educational philosophies, including Waldorf, developmental, and Reggio-inspired schools. 

A warm and vibrant mother of two, Christy supports Westside Los Angeles moms as they navigate through the rigorous processes of finding the right preschool. For more information on Best Fit School Service, contact Christy Bergin at 310-434-9706 or

Mention for a free info sheet on educational philosophies.


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