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Protect Your Rights At Work

Protect Your Rights at Work!—Stop worrying about the “what ifs” related to your job!

Women worry about many things when they first learn they are pregnant—we call these the “What ifs!” 

“What if I need to take time off from work during my pregnancy?”  “What if I want to take time off after I have my baby?”  “What if I have severe morning sickness?”  “What if I haven’t told my boss I’m pregnant?”  “What if my doctor puts me on bed rest?”  “What if my boss treats me differently because I’m pregnant?”  “What if my boss fires me because I’m pregnant?”

Some What ifs are fun to think about.  “What if I have a boy?”  “What if I have a girl?” 

Others are common worries and that many parents experience.  “What if I deliver early?”  “What if my mother-in-law decides to stay for two months?”

With all these What ifs, no woman should have to worry about what is going to happen to her job while she is pregnant or caring for her newborn child.  While many working mothers will find support among their coworkers and boss, too many women are treated differently after they tell their boss they are pregnant. 

If you are worried about What ifs related to your job, LAPregnancy has found the place for you.  Committed to helping women protect their rights at work, Sarah offers monthly seminars teaching women what they can do to protect their rights at work. 

A new seminar has been designed to help women who are working and pregnant.  Taught each month by Harvard Law School graduate, Sarah B. Schlehr, these workshops teach you the legal rights you have at work and how to protect your rights.

Whether you want guidance on how to tell your boss your pregnant, how to protect yourself from adverse treatment after becoming pregnant, or you just want to know the different types of leave you might be entitled to, Sarah’s seminars are taught in a friendly, easy-to-understand format that will help you in your struggle to balance work and family.

More information about Sarah’s monthly seminars can be found at or by calling Sarah directly at (310) 492-5757.


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Sarah Schlehr, your pregnancy lawyer






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