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Psychic Pregnancy Powers

Thinking that you're becoming psychic during your pregnancy?  Well, here's a mini-quiz that will tell you if you're really becoming the intuitive princess that you think you are!




by Jacqui Deevoy


It's said that women become more intuitive - psychic even! - when they're expecting a baby. So are your hormones turning you into a pregnant Mystic Meg? Complete our specially-devised mini-quiz and find out...


1. Now you're pregnant, do you dream more than usual?

a) Yes - in glorious, occasionally gory, technicolour detail!

b) Not more often, but the dreams are definitely more vivid

c) No, you dream more or less the same as you did before


2. These days, when the phone rings, what happens?

a) You answer it of course!

b) You think about the caller because you  know who it is and they spring to mind before you even answer

c) You cringe: that ringing noise really jangles your nerves


3. Since you've been pregnant, have you:

* Seen a ghost or apparition?                                                         YES/NO

* Noticed an inanimate object move without anyone

touching it?                                                                                             YES/NO

* Had a dream come true?                                                              YES/NO

* 'Known' that something was going to happen shortly

before it did?                                                             YES/NO

* Had the feeling that a friend or relative is ill or in trouble, only to discover that you're correct?                                           YES/NO


4. Do you ever get the feeling that you know what someone else is thinking?

a) A lot of the time - especially in recent months

b) No, never

c) Occasionally, but then you've always been a bit telepathic


5. What effect would you say your pregnancy has had on your mind?

a) There's no doubt that being pregnant is distracting, but your brain's functioning pretty much the same as it always has

b) Your memory's gone completely

c) You're in a world of your own - sometimes it's hard to get anything practical done at all!


Now work out your scores...

1) a = 3  b = 2  c = 1

2) a = 1  b = 3  c = 2

3) Score 1 for every 'yes'; 0 for every 'no'

4) a = 3  b = 1  c = 2

5) a = 1  b = 2  c = 3


If you scored 13 or over, your pregnancy has definitely enhanced your powers of ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception). Regardless of whether you were the psychic type before you were pregnant, you certainly have more than your fair share of spooky experiences these days! Being psychic can be useful, but certain aspects of it can be a hindrance. Use your powers (newfound or not) wisely though and life'll be a whole lot easier.


If you scored 9 - 12, you're pretty psychic, but you may have always been this way. Your pregnancy has definitely affected your brain - you may be more forgetful and you're definitely more sensitive. It's heightened your psychic ability too, but perhaps not enough for you to pay too much attention to it. You may not be a big believer in ESP but chances are, pregnant or not, you make use of your natural intuition without realising it.


If you scored less than 9,  you've never really been especially psychic and your pregnancy hasn't brought about any major changes in this area. You haven't much faith in the powers of the mind, but if you want to allow your pregnancy to bring out your psychic ability, you must first learn to accept that, although you may not have personal experience of it, ESP does exist. Once that's done, your psyche will be more open to enhancement.














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