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The Little Looster - Potty Training Success Stool

LAPregnancy LOVES The Little Looster!  So much that we have to tell the world!

Our twin toddler testers are one of the first to agree that the Little Looster makes potty training a success story!

Created by Monica Mylet, mother of 3, this product has filled a niche!  Gone are the days that your child is wobbling back and forth, and you are worried that they will fall off the toilet seat!  The Little Looster is placed on the floor (with rubber bottom) and your little one can sit securely on the potty. It actually fits around the toilet so that your little potty trainer can rest his/her legs safely.

This invention is magic for all mothers of all little potty trainers! 

Check out for more information.  For a $3.00 coupon, use code: BELLY3 on the second page of check out (after you include your email and shipping information. 

We promise that this will help create a success story for your toddler!



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The Little Looster - Potty Training Success Tool







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