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Reducing The Cost of Medications

We found a few internet resources to help you or one of your loved ones reduce medication costs.  Below you will find a list and a brief description:
This website screens more than 240 public and private programs based on your state, income and the drugs you take.  Even with people with high incomes, some people may qualify for some of the most expensive cancer-treating drugs - so give them a try!
This website screens many public and private programs based on your state or zip code and lets you search up to five drug makers or conditions at a time.
This website screens by drug name for patient assistance programs by individual manufacturers.
This website lists contact information and details about state and private-assistance programs, discount cards, mail-order pharmacies and internet-based discount programs.
This website provides information about patient-assistance programs and a comparison of discount cards.

The above websites should be your first stop to looking for answers in lowering medication expenses - and we've heard really good things!













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