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Remedy Stick - Luxury Organic Skin Care

THE MOST AMAZING SKIN PRODUCT AROUND!  We received our On The Go Remedy Stick and thought, okay, it smells good!  But then it happened!  Our tester kept it in her car and her son had a hurt.  She grabbed the Remedy Stick and used it!  Emergency averted!  Then her daughter had a bug bite...again, crisis averted!

This Remedy Stick is AMAZING!   You can use it on bumps, bruises, scrapes, cuts, sunburn, windburn, rashes, chapped lips, bug bites, mild eczema, skin irritations, diaper rash, itchy skin, baby massage, razor burn, and ragged cuticles.  We love it as so much for our chapped lips and dry skin on baby's face!

Here are the details:

Available in 0.5 ounce net weight size, designed for convenient use in a twist-up tube. Small enough for a diaper bag, purse, or first aid kit!

Made with 85% Certified Organic ingredients

Active ingredients: German Chamomile, Marshmallow Root, Sea Buckthorn Berry Extract, Tamanu Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Bulgarian Lavender, Chamomile Blossoms, and Calendula Blossoms

Non-organic ingredients include: Candellila Wax (Vegan alternative to beeswax), Vitamin E, and Sea Buckthorn Berry Extract (cold-pressed from the seeds and whole berry)

Choose the best for you and your baby, choose plein de vie!





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