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RESTORE is a 4-part class designed to teach women how to restore the muscular balance and stability to their lower back and pelvic region that was impaired by pregnancy.

Do you ever wonder if you're doing your Kegel's correctly?  Do you still have back or hip pain, sciatica, bladder-leaking, or poor vaginal tone?  Or do you just want to prevent them?  Then LAPregnancy knows this class is for you!

No age requirements here - if you're 20 or 60 - no matter how long ago you had your baby, the information in this class is invaluable to re-establishing control of the muscles of the abdomen, rear and pelvic region.  RESTORE teaches women how to get fit from the inside out, preventing injuries that may come from living with and exercising on an unstable pelvis.

If you love your baby but hate your bladder, come to this new women's boot camp, call Birth and Beyond right now!

Julie Wiebe is a licensed physical therapist and mommy.  Her class will maximize the benefit and safety of your current exercise program.  If you are not exercising, the class will help get you started and/or simply teach you how to accomplish your daily athletic hurdles (the car seat pick-up, the toddler carry and the crib lift_ without injury.

For Restore Class Schedule call Julie @ 310.466.3470 who now has joined Birth and Beyond!

What is Birth and Beyond??

Birth and Beyond is a childbirth and education center and Medela pump rental site located in Santa Monica, California.  New parents can attend classes and learn about the childbirth process in a comfortable, non-clinical setting taught by experienced, outstanding educators. 
As a Labor and Delivery nurse, Lizabeth Baker-Wade's childbirth education classes bring you the realities of the childbirth experience. Liz doesn’t just teach…she actively practices labor and delivery nursing for over 14 years at a local hospital - and she doesn't just talk it, she LIVES IT!

Birth and Beyond is at 310.458.7678
1810 14th Street, Suite 208
Santa Monica, California 90404
Visit them on the web at:







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Birth and Beyond






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