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Rule #1, Mom Has Fun!

We found this book that we just had to share!

The first chapter's title is "Every Child Is Born a Genius" - do you love it already?

Nicole MacKenzie, wondermother of six, describes this book as an important reminder for all new MOMS to remember to have fun!  She urges you to start early and buy your book before your baby is born so you're ready with the tools that you need to raise a happy, bright child.

Nicole has been performing parenting and peak-performance seminars with her husband for many years and always says that when the pressure gets too much - take a day off because you deserve it ... and at that point your baby probably deserves it too!

Read this book if you want to create and sustain the following:

- Honest, intimate and rewarding relationships with your child from birth through to adulthood

- Emotional intelligence for your child

- Bring out the genius within your child so they can reach their full

There are so many great endorsments of this book we had to include at least one:

”We had fun with the book. As parents, we thought the book was entertaining, easy to read, and full of modern wisdom. We intend to make sure that the parents of our grandchildren have their own copies...since we are not parting with ours!  Thank you for sharing!”
-Jackie Knowles & Dr. Donald Epstein.

Parenting Rule #1, Mom Has Fun
A Guide to Responsive Parenting
Nicole MacKenzie
Phone Orders: 1 800 760 9425
or E-mail Nicole at Nuenue1@micpeakperformance .com
Retail Price:  $18.95 plus S&H







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