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Secrets Of The Spas

So you're stuck at home and in the last stretch of your pregnancy and you're dying to give yourself a little pampering but are too tired to leave the house.  We understand!

We found a series of clever little boxes with tops that slide off to reveal a deck of 52 cards inside which features, you guessed it - recipe cards with simple recipes and detailed instructions including rich, colorful photographs.

When you've spent your wad on the baby's room, why spend a fortune on spa treatments when you can follow these simple recipes for revitalizing, deep cleaning, moisturizing and relaxing your body and mind in the privacy of your own home?

secrets of the spas -
Fifty Ways to Pamper & Revitalize Yourself at Home

Catherine Bardey, Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers (Misc. Supplies - September 2002)

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