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Sex... The Three Letter Word

So, you’re not sure how to bring up the subject… “can I…should I … could I…have sex during pregnancy?”

In my practice, I consider sex during pregnancy to be safe for most couples experiencing low-risk pregnancies.  Of course, after you (and your partner) decide to stop worrying that the unborn baby will somehow be adversely affected by what’s happening when having sex, you can use this rundown as a guideline of what most women experience:

Usually from the 8th through the 12th week of pregnancy, you are suffering from nausea, tiredness and general malaiseyou just don’t feel that “sexy.”  

During the middle part of your pregnancy, your sex drive goes into “overdrive.”  This is when your imagination should run wild.  Creativity is a key here since, as you know, your body size has changed.

The last month or two, when you’re feeling “big as a house,” is the time your libido and stamina usually wane – so this is the perfect time to practice the “cuddle.

Even if you’re not feeling sexual during your pregnancy, you may have increased needs for other kinds of physical intimacy such as hugging or cuddling - enjoy, this is a wonderful time in your life!

When not to have sex:
a)  current preterm labor
b)  water is broken
you have placenta previa, a condition in which part of the placenta covers the cervix
you or your partner has a sexually transmitted disease

Dr. Ian Taras, an ob/gyn specialist in the Los Angeles, West Valley, will be featured periodically under "Dr. Talk" here at LAPregnancy.com.  

Contact Dr. Taras directly at his website:  www.DrTaras.com


Have a question for the doctor?  Please contact us and Dr. Taras will feature your selected concerns in his column.





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