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Show It Off In Style With Tees

What did our Big Daddy wear one weekend while out with his family???

His "Big Daddy" t-shirt of course!!

Jacqueline Fair has taken her product of baby bragging showoff tees and branched out her own line of . Jacqueline is a former college counselor and has now assumed the most challenging job, full time mommy of two amazing and active young boys and is now running her own business. She has taken her passion of simple and yet expressive baby, toddler, and adult tees and created little showoffs.

Little showoffs is designed as a form of fun expressions for baby. It is also created to make baby shower gifts unique, fun,and of course cute and adorable. There is no better way to celebrate a baby than to have these tees proudly express "new accomplishments", "loves", "place of residence" and more. It also brings the family together to showoff what role baby has now created for each member.

There are so many baby and adult t's to choose from and so little time!!!  Enjoy!


See the full list...





Little Show offs!



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