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Shower Baby We Love You!

Why use wipes when you can clean your messy baby's bottom with a shower wand?  And we think it's extremely convenient when you find that heavily soiled diaper (know what we mean?).

What we love the most is that when you buy a ShowerBaby you are deciding to change diapers in the bathroom thereby moving your entire diaper changing experience from baby's room to bathroom - oh how we like this!!! 

The ShowerBaby is safe, easy to use, hygienic and quality made.  It is the only changing table you will ever need throughout the diapering years, so no need to invest in an expensive changing table to put in the baby's room - concentrate on the fun stuff like the rocking horse and perhaps a little comfy couch.

And guess what?  You can use the ShowerBaby to bathe your babies too!  Throw away those plastic bath tubs and no need to worry about using the slippery bathtub.  There are child protection straps with snap-lock fasteners and the easy snap-on faucet adapter is easy as pie to use!

We also like the shelves they include so that you can put all of your changing supplies on the wall in the bathroom.

We love the all-in-one baby cleaning station, ShowerBaby and you will too!

ShowerBaby is available via the internet and by phone, fax or snail mail.  Parents looking to improve changing and bath time experiences can see a video online that shows exactly how to bathe and change your baby with this parent-helper.  Complete details, including pricing, are available at or by calling toll free at 1-888-370-BABY (2229)


the ShowerBaby


easy to use!





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