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Strollers 101

Everyone's raving about the new Bugaboo stroller so we found Lisa King, mom of Eddie, to give our readers a first-hand account of her experience!

The Bugaboo is great - but I doubt it will be the only stroller you will need so if you are justifying the price with that thought then read on:

We have a Bugaboo and we love strolling around the block or taking nature walks on dirt paths or fire roads.  It seems to be very comfortable for the baby and the ride is very smooth.  It handles very easily also.  The best feature is the option to either see your baby while strolling or let your baby see the world. 

My son still loves taking strolls in his Bug at 16mos and sometimes still naps there, too.  The bassinet feature is nice for infants, although a very short use-span - you can carry it everywhere easily so when the baby falls asleep, you can easily take a shower or a nap and just bring the baby with you.  You can also do this with a car seat but then the baby must be strapped in and car seats are not as stable.

The Bugaboo is not great for errand running - getting in and out of the car many times - or for going to the mall.  We have the Peg Perego infant carseat and the Bug accessory to snap it on but it was too much of a hassle to use so I would use the Kolcraft Snap-n-go (same price as the Bug accessory) when I ran errands and, most of the time, left the Bugaboo at home.  This was nice though because I didn't have to keep moving the Bug to and from the car - the Snap-n-go stayed in the car and the Bug stayed at home.  

Later, we got the Maclaren Quest for errand running and still left the Bugaboo at home for neighborhood strolls. 

If money is no object, then I highly recommend the Bugaboo because it is really comfy for the baby and a pleasure to push.  But if your funds are limited., then I'd go with the Kolcraft Snap-n-go, the Maclaren Quest, and a nice air tire jogger for the home.  Zooper offers a cushy ride that comes with a handy removable infant carry cot and also gives you the option of seeing your baby or letting your baby see the world - the Zydeco.  And you can get all three for less than the cost of a one Bugaboo.  It is better to have at least two strollers; one for the car, and one for the home - and then you have a spare if one breaks down.

There is no one perfect stroller - yet. 

This review was written by super mom, Lisa King, mother of adorable Eddie!


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