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Swaddle With Solana Babywear

Mom-inventors in Phoenix have designed a unique swaddle blanket that comes in sweet and unique patterns. They're hand made in Australia and it's totally lightweight and is the only one on the market that conforms to new AAP and AMA physician recommendations on swaddling to help prevent SIDS.

A new study came out recently about SIDS. As a result of this study and the 'back to sleep' campaign, we now know that keeping babies on their backs saves lives. Swaddling is proven and recommended to keep babies on their backs. SIDS is also linked to overheating.

These blankets are translucent - unlike any other baby blanket -so babies do not overheat. The winter time is PEAK time for SIDS - possibly because babies are over wrapped by loving parents.

Solana Babywear is trying to educate parents about all the research associated with swaddling and SIDS.

Contact Sunny at Solana Babywear if you have any questions at all!











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