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The Three Pigs

We just had to tell you about this great children’s book we found.  We’re told that it’s recommended for children ages four and over but we thought this book was so adorable that we had to tell you about it… and maybe you can start your collection now!

David Weisner presents, The Three Pigs, winner of the 2002 Caldecott Medal Winner for best illustrated children's .

This is a whimsical, artistic interpretation of the tale we know and love and is sure to entertain all.

Here’s a brief summary according to

Once upon a time three pigs built three houses, out of straw, sticks, and bricks. Along came a wolf, who huffed and puffed... So, you think you know the rest?

Think again. With David Wiesner at the helm, it's never safe to assume too much.

When the wolf approaches the first house, for example, and blows it in, he somehow manages to blow the pig right out of the story frame.

The text continues on schedule--"...and ate the pig up"--but the expression on the wolf's face as he looks in vain for his ham dinner is priceless. 

The story continues on as one by one, the pigs exit the fairy tale's border and set off on an adventure of their own.  Folding a page of their own story into a paper airplane, the pigs fly off to visit other storybooks, rescuing about-to-be-slain dragons and luring the cat and the fiddle out of their nursery rhyme.

Instead of having the pigs waiting around until the pigs fly, Weisner gives them wings (or paper airplanes) and sets them on their way!

To his credit, Wiesner uses shifting illustration styles and fonts to startle complacent readers into an imaginary world even as they ponder the conventional structure of story. His trademark crafty humor and skewed perspectives will tickle you pink.

The Three Pigs by David Weisner
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Hardcover - 40 pages (April 2001)
Retail:  $16.00
See Amazon Price

























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