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Tip of the Week 2

Innate Chiropractic is where it's at.  They specialize in family and maternity chiropractic care.

Care for the Whole Family

When thinking about our own health, we donít always consider the impact it has on our entire family. When someone is in poor health it is mentally and sometimes physically draining on their family. We need to take personal responsibility to keep our bodies functioning at their best in order to give our best selves to those we love.

Imagine what it would mean to the mom with chronic headaches to be able to play with her kids instead of telling them to be quiet because the sound aggravates her. But more importantly what will it mean to those children who suddenly get their mom back because her headaches are gone! Lives are completely turned around and sent in positive directions when health issues can be properly addressed.

Additionally we need to make chiropractic care & wellness a family affair. Its great that you are getting adjusted and beginning to function at a higher level but what about your family? They should be experiencing the same benefits!

Families that are under care together hold each other more accountable when it comes to health. When families are functioning at their best, they experience more love and more joy together!   

In our stressful society, family health and wellness has never been more important! Get a consultation & exam for your entire family for $50.

This offer is valid for up to 4 people. Limited to the first 5 families to schedule. Take advantage now!

Hereís to your familyís health and wellness!
Innate Family Chiropractic 
33 S. Catalina Ave. Suite 104 
Pasadena, CA 91106 
(626) 792-9600 


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