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Tip of the Week 4

Today's Tip of the Week is from Innate Chiropractic is where it's at.  They specialize in family and maternity chiropractic care.

Remember Your Resolutions?

Remember when the clock struck midnight and 2011 began? Remember coming into the office and writing down your New Years Resolutions on a star and putting them up on our Innate Family Tree? How many of you actually remember what you wrote? And more importantly, how many of you are still on top of these resolutions?

Some wrote to exercise more, some of you had certain weight goals, some of you wanted to deliver babies and others just wanted to show more love to those around you.

The first quarter of 2011 is coming to a close, so think back to what you wrote and ask yourself where you are!  Are you playing as big as you want to be in order to make sure that 2011 is an extraordinary year?

Regardless of where you are, you can always recommit and set your intention clear all over again!

For some of us this may involve getting up earlier to work out, planning our meals out ahead of time, reading that book we've been staring at for months and scheduling life out so that we get everything done and spend all the time we want with our loved ones.

For others it might be finally committing to better health and realizing that their quality of life can be better. How many people do you know that wish they were a little healthier? So why not tell them about your amazing experiences through chiropractic and what it has done for your health and well being. 

They are here for support and as a resource no matter what month of the year it may be. And as we've said before, our passion and purpose are one in the same, to serve. Here's to the rest of 2011 being extraordinary for our entire community!

Innate Family Chiropractic 
33 S. Catalina Ave. Suite 104 
Pasadena, CA 91106 
(626) 792-9600 


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