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Tips On Telling Your Boss - Part II

You know itís time to tell your boss you are pregnant.  Now, you are wondering how to do it?

Tip #2: Be Enthusiastic

When you tell your employer you are pregnant, enthusiasm matters.  You should have a positive attitude about both your pregnancy and your job. 

Enthusiasm about your job is essential because your boss may need some assurance that you are committed to your career.  Even if you are having some doubts or uncertainty about returning to the workplace or you are worried about how to balance work and family, donít discuss these fears with your boss.  While it is perfectly acceptable to inquire about workplace policies regarding leave, you want to ensure that your boss feels you will continue to be a reliable, hardworking employee.   Donít give them any reason to doubt this.

Enthusiasm about your pregnancy is also important.  While you may have mixed emotions about how having a baby is going to impact your life, your boss is not the person to express your worries to.  If you are excited about having a baby, others will be more likely to be excited for you. 

While your boss may never be as excited about your decision to have a baby as you are, being clear, remaining enthusiastic, and sharing the news at the right moment can make a difference in your employerís response to your wonderful news!

For additional tips and help telling your boss youíre pregnant, or if you need guidance regarding your rights at work, visit or call Attorney Sarah B. Schlehr directly at (310) 492-5757.

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