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Tips On Telling Your Boss - Part IIII


Hopefully you are among the majority of women who experience pregnancy with little or no negative impacts at work.  But, sometimes you can’t predict the future.  Therefore, it is always best to have some documentation that you have informed your employer of your pregnancy.

Unfortunately, there are still some women who get demoted, fired, or experience other adverse employment actions after disclosing their pregnancy at work.  If it becomes necessary to pursue legal action later, it is essential that you can show that your employer knew about your pregnancy before they took any actions against you.

Documenting this does not need to be formal or legalistic—an informal email will work.  Often it is best to submit an informal note or send an email stating that you are pregnant and asking for information regarding your employer’s policies regarding leave.  This ensures that you have put your employer on notice of your pregnancy.  It also provides you with the additional benefit of ensuring you will receive information regarding the leave you are entitled to take.

If you want help telling your boss you’re pregnant or need other guidance on your rights at work, visit or call Attorney Sarah B. Schlehr at (310) 492-5757.

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