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Tredz For Toddlers - Robeez To The Rescue!

Robeez has now released its new product designed for the toddler in mind and how happy we are today!  Robeez Tredz are available in sizes 12-16 months, 16-20 months and 20-24 months but they are designed big so make sure that you try them on your little one (our testers were a small 4 years old)!

Our editor's children saw the cute shoes and tore the boxes open and put them on their cute feet by themselves....they strutted around for weeks with their new "cool" shoes!  We love the non-slip, water-resistant soles not to mention that their quite fashionable!  The cushioned insoles and breathable leather is always a big plus for us!!

Robeez knows barefoot is best for a child's developing feet. All Robeez footwear collections are designed with soft, flexible soles to allow healthy, natural development and carry the American Podiatric Medical Association's "Seal of Approval".  Plus with a functional stay-on design and adorable styles, Robeez has the best shoes for newborn to four years.

Join the Trend, Get Tredz!!





See the full list...



Robeez  Tredz Birdie - pastel green


Aqua/Brown Dream Muslin Blanket




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